FOG Screen

FOG Projector Screen

Here you will find information about the different FogScreen® models: the smaller, plug & play FogScreen®eZ; the stunning, versatile FogScreen®eMotion; and the adaptable, robust, linkable, aptly named FogScreen. Each product page contains technical details, a short description, as well as, links to relevant reference cases. First effective projection wall in the world that satisfied people’s desire to be entertained and excited by a message concealed behind the logo of the advertisement sponsor. If installed in the right place, e.g. at an entrance to a building, every participant must pass through a picture with an advertising message. This experience is so novel that the message is recalled by the visitor much longer.

We’re sure that there is a suitable model for your needs!

FOG Screen Specification

  • Spray type:downward spray
  • Screen area:2.0*1.5M
  • Play imaging equipment:projector or laser
  • Power supply:AC110-240V
  • Power:2000W
  • Water consumption:7-10L/H
  • Fogscreen generator size:201*65*55CM
  • N.W.:130KG
  • Projector required:above 5000lumen
  • Water tank ,controller ,generator for one set !!
  • new fogscreen ,there is very smaller .you could written it ,play game ,watch video in the screen .