Motorised Screen

Motorised Screen

Our Motorised Projection Screens help you to present professionly crafted presentations to portray your organization deliver training materials and get valuable attention. They are ideal for use in company corporate boardrooms, hotel conference rooms, school and college class rooms, auditoria and home theatres. They provide the luxury of automationare easy to install and can also be easily cleaned.

Octagonal sheet case, graceful design

  • US fabric matte white
  • Advanced tubular motor, somfy, jolly & A-OK motor optional

Features of Motorised Screen

  • Designed for controlled and uniform rolling of screen fabric, the motor is concealed within the roller, which ensures smooth and quiet operation.

  • The A-OK motors are high quality equipped with internal thermal overload protection guarateeing trouble free usage.

  • Available in superior imported viewing surfaces which are best suited for Front projection.

  • They can be lowered or raised using a 3-way rocker switch (included in the cost) or optional Original RADIO remote control. The screen stops automatically in the UP and DOWN positions.
  • Specifications of our Motorised Screen

  • Electrically operated 220V, AC 50Hz single-phase motor mounted inside roller tube 3-wire instantly reversible type with brake.

  • Equipped with internal thermal overload protection. Preset limit switch setting automatically stops the screen in UP and DOWN position.

  • 3-position control switch or radio-remote control stops or reverses screen direction at any point in the operating cycle.

  • We offer warranty for 1 year on manufacturing defects