Map Dispensing System

Map Dispensing System

Eyelets Screen

  • 1. The maps printed on polyurethane sheets are rolled on motorized pipes stacked in fixed positions in such a way that on giving command the selected map rolls down in one window.

  • 2. The second map comes down on giving command only when the previous map is rolled back in its position.

  • 3. The systems can be operated with the held of push buttons as well as with remote control. The controller is microprocessor based.

  • 4. The maps can be directly rolled on to the pipes and need not be pasted on any other material. The installation will be on two steel columns to be raised from floor. The rest of the systems can be in the false ceiling. Any one selected map will roll down and up in one position. The control will be manual push button through computer and also through touch panel controller integrated with the main system.The system can be stand-alone systems in a box.