Projector Ceiling

Projector Ceiling Mount Round Type

Projector ceiling mounts let you choose which portion of the projector's zoom lens you want. Most projectors are brighter at the wide-angle end of the zoom lens, and ceiling mounts make it easy to use that zoom lens position for maximum brightness. When you ceiling mount a projector, you also get ideal light projection angles — the light strikes the screen at a slight angle from above and bounces directly into the seating area for optimal screen illumination.

Projector ceiling are available in both generic and manufacturer brands from the resellers below. Optimize your theater or conference room today by using a ceiling mount to install your projector. Projector Ceiling Mounts Direct is a manufacturer of projector ceiling mounts for home theaters, businesses, and churches.

Ceiling Mount Round Type Specifications -

  • Projection Mount at Made from solid steel

  • Projection Mount at Easiest to Install

  • Projection Mount at Great for Heavy Projectors

  • Projection Mount at Best for Small Spaces

  • Universal type ceiiling mounts for all kind of projectors.
  • Our Round Type Ceiling mounts are heavy duty premium category mounts.

  • Looks elegant and durable mounts.

  • Having ceiling cut out for wires pass for conduit wiring which makes it looks premium.

  • We recommend this ceiling mount for heavy weight projectors i.e. 40kg and above

  • Available in all standard sizes i.e. 2ft., 3ft., 4ft., 6ft., 8ft., all sizes are in 1:1 (for eg., 3ft. mount is 1.5feet fixed and 1.5 feet adjustable)

  • Our ceiling mounts are customizable as per your need and requirements.