Wall Ceiling Screen

Wall Ceiling Screen

Key Benefits

  • It Is Easy To Hang On Wall With Only Two Kneel In Up Side And One Kneel In Bottom To Fix.

  • It Can Easily Attach On Any Type Of Base Wall And Roof.

  • It Can Easily Pulled Up And Pull Down.

  • Economic Fabric

  • High gain Fabric

  • Matte white Fabric

  • This is either hanged on Wall or Ceiling just with the help of two Screws on both the sides. These screens are designed for easy wall mounting and stable ceiling suspension. They are simple to install and use. These projection screens are designed for superior image resolution and accurate color reproduction. Heavy-duty springs maintain the screen's original retraction tension.

  • S.P.S. wide selection of manual wall and ceiling screens gives the presenter a professional solution for any projection application or situation. All screens incorporate S.P.S. exclusive Camlok roller system that prevents the screen from being accidentally pulled from the roller. All screens come with black masking borders as standard.
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